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Fixing a hanging information store

An information store should not regularly hang. SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta explains how to get the service back up and running, as well as offers some advice to avoid the problem in the future.

If the information store is hung, and the server is not clustered, what is the best way to resolve the issue so that the client can get e-mail?
Being reactive, you obviously need to get the service back up and running. If a simple restart of the Information Store Service, (don't forget any dependent services), will get your users able to connect, then that should suffice until you get some time to perform server maintenance and investigate further.

I urge you to be proactive and figure out why the service is hanging. This should not be happening regularly. Troll the application event logs and note any errors (or warnings) from the Microsoft Exchange information store approaching the time the service hangs. Then either write back to us or search TechNet in order to get some clues on what's going wrong. Then you can resolve the root cause.

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