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Folder redirection in Windows 2000 Server

I am having a problem with folder redirection (My Documents) in Windows 2000 Server. This is what I have done so far:

Domain name is infotech.edu
1. Created a users using the users node in the domain infotech.edu
2. Created an OU called "Students" in the domain.
3. Created a security group called "2004Students" in the OU Students.
4. Added the users created in 1. to the security group "2004Students".
5. Created a Group Policy called "Folder redirection" using the OU "Students" properties sheet.
6. Edited the User configuration/Windows settings/folder redirection/My Documents/properties:
- changed to Advanced
- added the security group "2004Students" and set target folder (which was created before and shared with the security group "2004Students") using the %username% variable.
- applied changes.

Now when I log on from a client computer and type a doc, the my documents folder is NOT going to the server.
This is a common misconfiguration. Again, the GPO itself needs to apply to the USER, not the GROUP. This specific policy (Folder Redirection) is interesting because it can additionally zig or zag based on the group membership as well. So, to clear this up, just plop your user accounts to be in the scope of management of the GPO (that is, the site, domain or OU.)

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