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Follow-up to TCP/IPX troubles

I'm having trouble with a conflict between TCP/IP and IPX. (For part one of this user's Ask the Expert question and answer, go to https://searchwindowsserver.techtarget.com/answers) I can't remove IPX from all IPX from all machines on this campus (and at satellite campuses) so removing IPX is not likely to happen any time soon. Why does IPX cause this problem with TCP/IP? Has anyone done any network monitoring so that they can determine what the cause is?

One possible workaround -- since I don't know what kind of setup is being used with IPX -- is to force the frame type for IPX. IPX can be set to autosense the frame type; you may want to force it to use Ethernet II (or whatever relevant frame type is being used on the network).

IPX and TCP/IP don't play well together, I suspect, simply because Microsoft's IPX stack in Windows is not very well written. If IPX is required, then the best thing to do might be to swap in a Novell-written version of IPX.

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