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Forest sub-domain users cannot access OWA

Questions to consider if Outlook Web Access users in your forest sub-domains are having authentication issues.

I have a Microsoft domain forest and two sub-domains under the forest -- like xxx.com, abc.xxx.com and cde.xxx.com. All server operating systems are Windows 2003 with the latest patches. I have two Exchange 2003 servers under xxx.com. One is a mail server and the other is an Outlook Web Access server. I have one mail server under abc.xxx.com domain and one mail server under cde.xxx.com domain. They are all Exchange 2003 and with the same organization.

However, when we set up the Outlook Web Access under xxx.com, we could see and authenticate with the user under...

xxx.com only. Other users under abc.xxx.com and cde.xxx.com couldn't access the Outlook Web Access server.

Are you getting any error messages? Are you able to see the authentication screen? Are users able to authenticate from inside your network? Check your Exchange Outlook Web Access settings, as well as the IIS settings on the sites. Try specifying the domain before the user's name such as abc.xxx.comuser1.

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