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Forwarding emails to an external mailbox

I am running Exchange 2000 and I have a user who wants to set up an Outlook rule that forwards e-mails from a particular recipient to an external mailbox. Can you explain how to accomplish this?
1. Add a contact in your Global Address List (GAL) pointing to the external address. You do this through launching Active Directory Users and Computers and creating the new contact in whatever Organizational Unit (OU) you use to store accounts of this nature.

2. Have the user log onto Outlook (I'll assume he/she is using Outlook 2003) and click Tools | Rules and Alerts.

3. Select New Rule | Start from a Blank Rule | Check Messages When they Arrive | Next.

4. Check From People or Distribution List and select the user from whom you would like to forward messages. If it's an internal user select them from the GAL. If it's an external user just type their SMTP address in the From field. Click Next.

5. Check the Forward it to People or Distribution List field and use the To field to input the target external address. Now scroll down and also check the Stop Processing More Rules checkbox. Click Next twice to skip the Exceptions options screen.

6. Give the rule a name. Make sure the "Turn on this rule" is checked. Click Finish. Click Apply. Now you're all set!

7. Test the rule to make sure it works!

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