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Frustration with MCSE and XP

I am getting very frustrated with Microsoft. No sooner do they release MCSE in W2k, then they announce that XP will be released in October. What does all this mean for the people who are working their socks off on W2k?

According to what information I have been able to glean from Microsoft about the impact on XP on Win2K certifications, I can state the following:

1. The Win2K certifications should remain valid at least until the end of 2003.
2. It will be possible to mix and match Win2K and XP elective exams when obtaining an MCSE, but all core exams and elective core exams must belong to either the Win2K or XP tracks.

Thus, I don't believe XP will influence your certification much for at least another year and a half (perhaps you'll have even longer before Microsoft requires another MCSE upgrade). Don't get too frustrated yet--there's plenty of time to do that later. Finish your Win2K MCSE ASAP, and you'll be ahead of the game.

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