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Gave a file a bad name by accident and now I can't do anything with it

How do I rename an inaccessible file in Windows 2000? I gave it a bad filename, with too many spaces, and now I can do nothing with it. It won't allow me to open it, copy it, rename it, delete it, examine its properties...nothing! It just sits there - inaccessible. How can I get at it to change its filename to something sensible please? I'm desperate! (P.S. I don't have a virus.)
You probably need a third party tool such as Norton Disk Doctor or NTFS4DOS ( www.sysinternals.com). Disk Doctor may locate and automatically remove the file for you. NTFS4DOS may allow you to rename the file from a DOS boot floppy without having Windows 2000 get in the way and prevent the change.

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