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Generating SMTP notifications in Exchange 2000

We have set up a front-end/back-end Exchange 2000 topology to be used with OWA. The idea is that it will function as a 'separate private mail system' for users. They log in, send a message to another Exchange member and then log out. The message never leaves the Exchange server.

However, we have come across a problem with notification. We would ideally like to inform users that they have received mail in the 'separate private mail' by sending an SMTP message to their 'normal mail address.'

Another complication is that we would like the system to automatically generate the mail message and take the 'normal mail address' from Active Directory.

Furthermore, we would like to inform people by SMS that they have a new message. In this case, we would like to take their cell phone number automatically from Active Directory.

I don't know of any native rule setting in Exchange 2000 that will allow you to do this or come close to doing this. I would be very grateful if you have any ideas or could send me in the right direction.
I would have a look at the Exchange Server Software Development Kit (SDK), which you can find here. Specifically, you'll want to look into creating an event sink. You can create a transport event sink that can take action, redirect e-mail, generate new messages, etc., when a new message hits the SMTP transport stack. Or you can create a store event sink that takes similar action when the message reaches the information store.

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