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Get "can't copy one or more files" message and specific error code 0x5 when trying to install IIS 5

When trying to install IIS 5.0 on my hard disk, I received a message saying: Can't copy one or more files, the specific error code is 0x5. The message explains that if I continue, maybe some components will not work properly. I continue and effectively using the component newFileObject.CreateTextFile, and nothing happens. My computer turns like a without-ending loop. What can I do? Buy another copy of Windows 2000 Pro or find a way to install all the components without the CD-ROM?
It sounds like you're missing the Windows 2000 Professional media, correct? Normally I would recommend you re-install Windows 2000. Since this isn?t possible, you could try installing (or re-installing) the latest service pack, then re-installing IIS 5. If you're going to buy the media again, you might as well buy the upgrade to Windows XP Professional.

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