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Getting Actve Directory, Windows 2000 and Novell working together

Presently, my company works in a Novell environment. We have WinNT server but they are stand alones that attach to a Windows workgroup. The Novell server acts as a file server and controls the Novell print services. All users (most Windows 95/98 and a few WinNT) logon to the Novell server. We need the Novell server in the network because of city requirements and because it is used as a gateway (so to speak) for our city connections. We would like to go to Win2k but need to keep at least the Novell server because of city restrictions. We would like to utilize Active Directory and its other services. What would be the best plan of attack with the least amount of disruption to the users?

The Win2k Active Directory will run primarily independent of your current structure. You have to decide if you want the user to log on to Novell primarily, Active Directory primarily or work towards a single sign on. I am not sure what type of "gateway" you are speaking of. However, it sounds like the rest of the city community is using Novell and you need the Novell server so that you can share files between you and them. If this is the case here, it would be my recommendation to create a Win2k Active Directory. Use the Gateway Services for Netware to make Win2k the gateway to the Novell network. Move all of the users and their workstations into the Active Directory domain. Move all of the printers into the Active Directory domain. The way this will end up working is that when the users request a file from the Novell machine, the request will come through the Win2k machine to the Novell machine. A single user account will be used by the Win2k machine to access files on the Novell machine and present them to the user.

This solution reduces the maintenance that you will need to perform. If you load the Client Services for Netware (CSNW) on each Win2k workstation instead, you will have to maintain user accounts in both the Active Directory and the Novell system. In addition, you will need to keep them synchronized. If you use the gateway solution as described, the workstations only need TCP/IP and it will not need IPX. It will only need the Win2k Server operating as the gateway. If you load the CSNW instead, each client will need to run IPX/SPX and TCP/IP (assuming you have internet connectivity).

For more information on how to set this up, look at the Win2k Resource Kit - Windows 2000 Internetworking Guide, Chapter 13.

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