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Getting Outlook error message after installing Exchange admin program

I installed the Exchange admin program (from Exchange Server 5.5 CD) to manage e-mail accounts -- the next time I ran my client Outlook (Office 2000 on Windows 2000), it gave an error message:

"A recently installed program may cause Microsoft Office or other e-mail-enabled programs to function improperly. Outlook can resolve this conflict without affecting the program that originally caused the problem. Do you want Outlook to resolve this problem?"

Whether I choose "yes" or "no" to fix it makes no difference. What's wrong? And what do I do about it?

This is an annoying and common problem that stems from a conflict with the Mail Application Program Interface (MAPI) core file on your system, specifically, Mapi32.dll, which is located in the SYSTEM32 folder. Have a look at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q256946, which discusses this problem and provides possible resolutions.

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