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Getting an RPC communications error on my Exchange 5.5 server

I am getting Event ID 9318 in the Event Viewer on my Exchange 5.5 SP3 server. The exact text is: An RPC communications error occurred. Unable to bind over RPC. Locality Table (LTAB) index: 52 NT/MTA error code 1753. Comms error 1753, Bind error 0 Remote server name "Hunt-NT1" [Main Base 1 500%10] (14).

I moved from the Hunt-NT1 Exchange server to my current Exchange server about two years ago. Should I remove the Hunt-NT1 server from the Exchange organization? If so, how do I remove it? I am really stuck on this one. I could not find answers in Microsoft's Knowledge Base. I am not the best at Exchange issues, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
First, I would look at your connectors and remove all of those that you find still connect your Exchange server with Hunt-NT1. This should stop those messages. Next, if you still see Hunt-NT1 listed in the Exchange Administrator program, then you'll need to remove it by deleting it. To do this, simply launch Exchange Administrator in raw mode by executing admin.exe /r. Then you can select Hunt-NT1 and from the Edit menu choose Delete Raw Object. This will permanently delete the server. If you have multiple Exchange servers in your organization, you should remove connectors to Hunt-NT1 from them and replicate this directory change, as well.

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