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Getting an edge with Java certification

I have a Bachelor's Degree in electronics and communication engineering and an MS in Computer Science from IIT, Chicago. I have been working in the IT field for the last 12 years. My technical skill set includes application development in C, C++, Java, Oracle, DB2, etc. in a client-server environment. I have a solid two years experience working in Java (Applet, Swing, Java Beans and so on). I am considering going for Java certification. I would like to get your opinion on this matter. Would I gain an edge in the current job environment? If not Java certification, what other areas should I consider?
With your background, Java certification probably won't make that much difference one way or another. You would, however, find the Sun Certified Java Programmer credential pretty easy, so you may want to take that one and re-evaluate your thinking with one exam under your belt. Again, given your current credentials I don't see it making that much difference to your employment chances. If not a single Java certification, why not consider pursuing a more advanced Sun or Oracle certification instead (the Oracle Java Developer cert is supposed to be pretty hot, and is said to offer a good chance of a low six-figure income).
This was last published in June 2001

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