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Getting 'can't log on locally' error on Windows 2000 machine

I have a P4 system running Windows 2000 SP-4. Recently, my son tried to block outsiders from getting into our system. Now I can't get past the final password and I keep getting a "can't log on locally" error. My son said that he added me and the administrator to deny logons locally in administrative tasks in local policy. I have tried everything to fix this but I keep getting denied logon. Do you know what I should do?
Denying the local Administrator and user accounts the ability to log on locally was a bad but not irreparable move. To fix this problem, you'll need to connect your computer to a network. Then, you need to connect to it remotely by using the Microsoft Management Console with the Group Policy snap-in. From there, you can give the local Administrator and other accounts permission to log on to the computer locally. If you've never done this type of thing before, I suggest that you get someone who works in the IT business to help you.

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