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Getting "processing of object failed" domain error after migration to Win2k

I upgraded our servers and moved from NT PDC to a Windows 2000 DC. Everything seems to work. Our DNS is handled by the school district and during the conversion I pointed to that DNS. So our CN is MachineName.DomainName.nfs_aps.aps.edu.

I can add and manage computers. But when I try to manage permissions on the local machines (e.g., permit/deny local logon), I get this error message: "Processing of object failed with the following error: The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted." Do we have a DNS problem or is there something we missed during the conversion?

Check the machine's name on the domain controllers. Make sure that the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) matches the name of the domain. For example, if you are using a domain controller called MyDC1 in the domain MyDomain, then I would expect the domain's full name to be MyDomain.nfs_aps.aps.edu. I would also expect the machine's FQDN to be MyDC1.MyDomain.nfs_aps.aps.edu. If you right-click on the My Computer and click Properties, then click the Network tab you should see a match between the Fill computer name and the domain; if NOT, then that is the problem. And the only way to change it is to DCPROMO and downgrade the server to a regular server then change the FQDN and DCPROMO it back.

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