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'Giving' ownership to users after file consolidation

I recently consolidated about 100 GB of user files from four NT4 servers to one large Win2k server with the intent of turning on disk quotas. When I did so, most of the folders that should have reported near or beyond quota didn't. I found that file ownership changed to administrator during the file move. Users access the files through a hidden share. So they don't have access to the next directory higher and can't 'take' ownership, and Microsoft says I can't 'give' ownership. Is there a utility that will help me do this?
There's a way to get around this, but it's a bit sneaky. Promote each of the users to administrator, log on locally with the account(s) in question, take ownership of the files and folders and then demote the users once you're done. Be sure to retire the accounts from local logon privileges when you're finished.

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