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Giving users LAN access but retain Administrator privileges

I would like users to be able to log on to their computer, gaining access to LAN resources, and still have Administrator privileges over the local machine. The Primary Domain Controller (PDC) is NT Server 4.0. The local workstations are either NT 4.0WS, 98SE, or 2000Pro.Assuming they have full permission on their local machine, and whatever access on the LAN I assign them, I don't care whether they actually log into the domain or the local machine.

The simplest way to do this for the NT4 and Windows 2000 desktops is to make the Authenticated Users group a member of the local Administrators group. The Windows 98 desktops have no local security. You can add this group at the desktop via a quick command-line entry:
net localgroup "authenticated users" /add You'll need administrator privileges on the local machine to run this command.

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