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Giving users the ability to set their own homepages

Expert Jeremy Moskowitz explains how to allow users to set their own homepages or assign them all the same home pages through Group Policy.

I have inherited a network where some users have their IE homepages locked or set and some don't. I want to give all the users the ability to set their own homepage or be able to set them all to the same homepage.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Your wish is granted. You've had that power all along. In other words, you can dictate the homepage to the users you want to, and simply not dictate the homepage to the users you don't want to force. Check out the Internet Explorer Maintenance policies in the Group Policy Editor. Then, for the folks whom you want to dictate a homepage, simply link the GPO to them, and, shazam! They'll get the homepage you dictate.

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