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Going back to school for a CIS/MIS degree

I graduated from college four years ago with a B.S. in Communication. After a year or two in the work place, I began programming in Visual Basic, and I have since earned my MCSD. When I look at job postings, many jobs require that you have a CIS/MIS four-year degree. Should I look at going back to school to get a CIS/MIS degree if I want to stay competitive in the job market?
You are in an interesting position since you have a premier level certification (MCSD) but a less than premier degree. I think you would be better served by obtaining a Master's in CS/MIS rather than another bachelor's. However, I think you might be surprised at how well you can sell yourself if you can only get a foot in the door for an interview. Given your credentials and your experience, I think you can argue that your experience is equivalent to BA level knowledge in CS/MIS and see if it gets you anywhere. Only if you find yourself striking out completely should you consider going back to school.

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