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Group Policy issues with Windows 2003

Expert Derek Melber explains how to use Group Policy to allow clients more power in a Windows 2003 network.

I have worked with a Windows 2000 server for a long time and have now started to test a small business server using 2003 premium. I have two things that I can't seem to figure out.

1. I join an XP client with Service Pack 2 and all updates. The client cannot control any of the Internet settings (such as security zones). The security zone is set too high and cannot be changed. I wish to make this changeable by the user.

2. The same client cannot turn the firewall off. It's permanently on and grayed out for the 'off' option.

Maybe I am blind, but I have searched high and low in Group Policy, and cannot find where this is controlled from. I have a feeling that both problems are related to Group Policy though. Please help!!!

I tend to agree that Group Policy is causing this behavior, but just in case, you will need to check the Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP) on the Windows XP client by running rsop.msc from the Run option on the Start bar. After running the RSoP, maneuver down to the following nodes to determine if these settings are being controlled by a Group Policy locally or at the Active Directory level.

Computer Configuration|Administrative Templates|Network|Network Connections|Windows Firewall

User Configuration|Windows Settings|Internet Explorer Maintenance|Security|Security Zones and Content Ratings

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