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HP400N-PS driver for NT4 same as or different for Win2k

I am running Win2k server but still using Windows NT4 clients. When I try to add printer drivers on the server, I have the choice to add drivers for Windows 95/98 and NT4. However, I cannot add the HP400N-PS driver for NT4 because it is the same as for Win2k. I have added this driver already for the Win2k Pro PCs and adapted the options for A4 paper.

When I add a printer on a NT4 client PC, the driver from the Win2k server is loaded correctly. However, the default paper size is still "letter" and it is impossible to change that from the NT4 client. Why are the default settings from the server working for W2k Pro PCs but not for Windows NT4 PCs? Is there a workaround?

While the driver may appear to be the same, it is actually running differently depending on the OS. I am afraid that this will be a vendor issue. However, you may want to have a peek at the registry for the printer on the Windows 2000 and the NT 4.0 machines. The section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlPrint will contain most if not all of the printer configuration information. You may find a registry key that you can set for the NT 4.0 printers. Delivering this registry change could be tricky though. The best way would be to modify the .INF file that the driver is using for the installation to make this registry change occur every time the printer is installed.

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