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Hang time and login problems with Veritas Backup and Exchange

In Veritas Backup, why do I get a message saying there are two administrators connected to the Exchange Media Server when I am the only administrator connected?

Also in Veritas why, when I go to Tools/Notification setup, do I get the hourglass, and the only way to stop the hourglass is to close Veritas? (I am not able to setup notification.)

You should ask the Veritas folks. I?m good with Exchange, but if you get into the minutiae of third-party products that happen to touch Exchange, I?m afraid even my best answers will only be guesses.

So, here are some guesses.

Go into either the Computer Manager snap-in (Win2k) or Server Manager (NT4) and see who has open files or open sessions to the Media Server that. Look for administrator accounts. Also, do you know if the Veritas software itself could be consuming this administrative connection?

As for Notification setup, verify that you are running the latest version of the Veritas software. Also, verify that there are no error or warning events in the Application or System logs.

Finally, check out the Veritas Knowledge Base and see if there have been reports or Tech Notes entered on these issues.

Hope this helps.

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