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Having problems repairing my system with Win2k setup from CD using the "R" function

I've started a Win2k setup from CD using the "R" function to repair my system (no serious fault). I installed the requested drivers for the LSI Host-Adapters (sym_hi.sys and sym_u3.sys). After using the "S" function (I've no ERD), I got the message "cannot copy ntdetect.com" and the system stopped. What can I do now? I tried it from the console-modus bat I couldn?t copy, change, or delete anything outside the WINNT-folder.
The "cannot copy filename" error during setup typically indicates either a non-HCL compliant device in the computer or an error on the media hosting the distribution files. This means your CD could be scratched or your CD drive is not working properly. If you are working from a hard drive copy of the Windows 2000 CD, then one or more files in the copy are either missing or corrupted.

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