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Having trouble copying local machine profiles to domain profiles

I am having trouble copying local machine profiles to domain profiles.

Oh great Win2k guru, I wish to pose a question. I am having trouble copying local machine profiles to domain profiles. Is there a resource that you know of that I can consult for best practices on copying profiles? My organization runs a Novell network with Win2k workstations, and we do not store profiles on the network, only on the local machine. We do, however, have a Microsoft domain that we have created along with our Novell network and we want our Win2k users to run only domain profiles on their workstations.

The problems I am seeing are that not everything from the local profile is being copied to the domain profile when I run the copy profiles command. Also, when I try to delete a domain profile that I have created, it seems to corrupt other profiles? Any advice would be of great value. Thank you.

You could try to copy the profile manually. After all, it is just a set of files and folders.
  • Create the folder on the share where you want the roaming profile to be stored.
  • Copy the folder from a local workstation where the users profile is.
  • Tell the user to log off.
  • Set the users profile information in the Active Directory.
  • Prior to the user logging on to the network again, rename the old local folder on their workstation. I say rename so that should something go wrong, you could copy the old profile back in.
  • Once they have logged on successfully (AND logged off -- profiles are not saved until you log off) then you may delete the old profile folder on their local machine.
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