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Help changing user name in Documents & Settings folder

I had to change a user name on a Windows XP Home system with SP2, but the folder still displays the old user's name. I changed all the references to the user in the registry but a folder in Documents & Settings still has the old user's name. I also tried to hide it but no luck. Any suggestions?
The Documents & Settings folder, and the folders under it, are fixed at install time and can't be moved or renamed. It is possible to work around this with a little clever hacking (Microsoft has an article on how to do this), but in many cases it's not the wisest idea. If you install a program that expects these folders to be in their default locations and they're not, the program may not work correctly. (This is actually the fault of the program for assuming where things are instead of reading the proper pathnames from the registry, but you can never really tell when you're going to run into a badly-written program!)

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