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Help disabling notifications in Symantec Mail Server

On our Exchange Server, users are receiving "Subject: Symantec Mail Security detected that you sent a message with an unscanable attachment or body (SYM:10303815050676881977)." I went to the server to check the Symantec Mail Security logs and see all from 3/4 only and one from 3/5 saying "Started Scan: Nightly" -- nothing else. I tried to do a manual scan on only 1 mailbox but it never finishes and says Scan State: Interrupted. Any ideas on why scan will not complete or logs being written? Also how can I stop the continuous e-mail to these users? It seems to have problems with only certain attachments.
You can disable notifications in Symantec Mail Server in the SMS administration console. Go to the Configuration tab of your server group and click on "Notifications/Alerts Settings." You can configure the behavior of notifications to administrators, recipients of infected emails, and senders of infected emails. I tend to turn off most of these notifications, especially to senders since the FROM: header is usually spoofed in virus-infected emails.

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