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Help enabling connectivity using a crossover cable

A reader has two computers that are rarely able to access each other. Expert Laura Hunter explains how to enable connectivity using cables.

I have a Pentium 1 PC (166 MHz and 32 MB RAM) connected to a P4 (3.06GHz and 512 MB RAM) via a crossed Ethernet cable. However, the two computers are rarely able to access each other. Most of the time, from one computer, the other cannot be seen. I there any conflict arising somewhere? Please note that I have two operating systems installed on my new PC (in two separate partitions).
To enable connectivity using a crossover cable, the two PCs must have at least one Internet Protocol in common, and the NICs that are connected to the crossover cable must be configured with IP addresses on the same subnet with the same subnet mask – and are usually good bets. You should first ensure that the two computers can ping each others' IP addresses before moving on to troubleshooting other types of network communication.

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