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Help me with my insufficient memory errors

Each time I try and run Scandisk or Defrag on my Windows 98 PC, it tells me that I cannot run either as I have...

insufficient memory. My hard drive is 28GB with 26GB free and I have 64 MB of RAM -- of which 84% is free.

I managed to run Scandisk through MS DOS tonight and I also performed a surface scan with no errors or bad clusters. It appears I cannot run Defrag through MS DOS as it has told me that it must be run through Windows. I was running a file shredder which, I later found out, was "buffering files" or something, but I have since uninstalled it. With my system resources appearing more than adequate, what is going on?
Your problem could be related to one of the the following things:

  1. There are applications running in the background that are consuming too much memory.

  2. You have some files locked by applications running in the background which are preventing a successful defrag.

  3. The defragger is incapable of defragging one or more of your files due to its size.
Take these possibilities into consideration -- also make sure you've read through all of the tips in this section. Good luck to you.
This was last published in September 2002

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