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Help migrating NT network to Win2003 network

I am working for an organization that cleans and supplies water to government municipalities and other institutions. The IT department is still running NT network. We want to migrate to Win2003 network and budget is not the problem. The main concern is how the IT department will add value to the organization, how will it reduce costs, and how secure and efficient will it be.

Would you please advise on how to implement this, considering these concerns: value added to company, security, efficiency and cost reduction, or increasing profitability. For two years even before I joined the organization, it hasn't come up with a final decision on whether to insource or outsource the IT department. What would you recommend and how could that be implemented?

It sounds like you need to illustrate ROI (Return-on-Investment), not just for the network upgrade, but for your IT staff as a whole. ROI calculations involve determining the cost of things like system downtime due to viruses, hardware failures, software misconfigurations, etc., and demonstrating how your staff and your server technologies have saved the company money by reducing or eliminating this downtime. As an example, check out this white paper on SBS2003: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/sbs/evaluation/roi/outofboxROI.mspx.

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