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Help with implementing a password policy for an entire domain

I am trying to implement a password policy for my entire domain. The problem is I have several POP3 users who never login to the domain. Is there a utility that will query the AD for users whose passwords will expire within x days and send an e-mail notification to them?
It would probably be possible to do this with a WSH script that runs once a day (courtesy of Scheduled Tasks or the AT command) and uses either the Exchange SMTP system, the native SMTP sender in IIS, or a freeware program like BLAT ( http://www.blat.net/) to send the e-mail. Getting the expiry date for a password from AD through WSH isn't difficult -- you can see a code sample for how to get a user's account information, including the date of expiry, here: http://www.freevbcode.com/ShowCode.asp?ID=710.

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