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Hidden System Volume Informationcatalog.wci00010009.ci files on C: drive

I keep getting files with the following name formats: System Volume Informationcatalog.wci00010009.ci

These files end up on my C: drive, while D: is the default drive. These files are not hidden and are not visible on the drive. They are fragmented and show on Norton Speed Disk. I recently tried an install of the test version of MS SQL Server. I uninstalled this application when my Internet connections went crazy. All applications work now, but I don't know how to stop these files being created. They may be related to Windows Explorer.

These are Content Indexer catalog files. Are you running Windows 2000 or NT4 with IIS and the content indexer service?

You can disable the content indexer service if you want to stop indexing completely, or you can use the Index Manager to select the directories you want to index. Content Indexing significantly improves file searches. The CI service under Windows 2000 interoperates more smoothly than the NT4/IIS version. SQL 2000 has its own content indexer. I don't know of an issue with the indexing services and Internet connections. Might be that the system was so busy tending after the two indexing services that it didn't have time to process your Inet threads.

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