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Hiding network neighbor icons

I have a test lab at home and have unsuccessfully tried to add a policy that prevents the user from seeing the network neighbor icon on the desktop. I created the group, added the group to an OU, then right-clicked on the OU and selected the group policy tab. There I selected the policy and made sure that it was checked to apply this policy and that the user had read/write permission. It didn't work. What am I missing?
Unfortunately, Group Policy -- despite it's name -- doesn't apply to groups. Strange, eh? Instead, you need to put the user account or computer account that you want to affect inside the OU. Then, the GPO with the policy settings, such as "Hide My Network Places icon on desktop," will apply. So, the good news is that you're 90% of where you need to be. Perform that last 10%, and you're home free.

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