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Hiding the Start Menu and Taskbar per user for a Windows 2000 environment

Expert Derek Melber explains how to use Group Policy to hide desktop information in a Windows 2000 network.

Can I hide the Start Menu and Taskbar per user (not computer) logon with Group Policy? This would be for a Windows 2000 environment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are a suite of settings to control the Start Menu sections and the Taskbar sections under

User Configuration|Administrative Templates|Start Menu
and Taskbar node. These settings allow you to granularly control what the user will see at logon. These settings are not per computer, but rather per user. These settings will take effect when the user logs on to their computer, as well as at the 90 minute background refresh interval that is set within Group Policy. If this level of control is not enough, you can also look at a solution like PolicyMaker Standard Edition, which allows further control of the Start Menu.

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