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Hints for moving DNS Master to Linux

We have two Windows 2000 DCs running in our company. I am planning some changes. One of these changes has to do with my DNS server. It has to be installed from scratch because of some strange errors. This shouldn't be the hardest thing, but during this step I want to replace the Windows 2000 DNS server with a Linux machine running BIND.

Can you give me some hints with moving the DNS Master to Linux? The BIND itself works great and gets all of the DNS data from the Win2k server, but how do I tell AD that the DNS server has changed?

For the AD, all you have to do is change the DNS server settings for the DCs. Then uninstall the DNS on the DCs or other Windows 2000 machines once you have the systems properly registering all of the entities in the Linux DNS.

Make sure that you are successfully getting all of the entries! There are more than just the host entries. There are lots of service entries, like _ldap etc. To run a test, load the support tools from the Windows 2000 CD onto the domain controllers. Shut down the DNS on the domain controller and configure them to go to the Linux DNS. Open a command prompt, and type IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS. After about 15 minutes, run the NetDIAG.exe and then the DCDIAG.exe from the Support Tools directory. Check the output for issues with DNS and locating AD services.

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