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Hold out for XP certification?

Is there any long-term value in a MS NT 2000 cert? Should I wait for October when XP comes out to continue my certification path? I had completed three of the six NT 4.0 MCSE tests and spent 10k on classes before they expired. I have since started over and have already spent $1500 on CBTs on NT 2000. Am I just wasting my time and money if MS XP is only four months away?
You will find good answers to all your questions on the Microsoft Web site--yes, it is really true! -in the MCSE FAQ. Be sure to scroll toward the bottom of that document and look for the heading "Frequently Asked Questions about Windows XP Professional and Whistler Server Exams." My opinion is that if you are serious about obtaining an MCSE, you should charge ahead and finish up on Win2k topics as soon as you can. As you'll see in the FAQ, Microsoft plans to let MCSEs mix and match XP/Whistler Server exams with Win2k exams to their hearts' content anyway.

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