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Hosting two companies with one Exchange server

I want to host two of our companies with one Exchange server. I realize it would be easy if I were to upgrade to Enterprise Edition but Microsoft says it is possible with Standard. I have been given three different extensive step-by-step documents to do it but they are missing steps or just don't work. I even have had an open case with Microsoft for 5 weeks. They say it is possible but their techs can't figure it out. Do you know where I can get a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to do this?
Unfortunately the process for setting up a shared hosting environment based on either Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 is very complex. There used to be a Microsoft White Paper entitled the "Microsoft Exchange 2000 ASP Deployment Guide" that documented the process in exhaustive detail (53 pages of detailed configuration steps). For some reason, this has been pulled from most of the public-facing websites. The filename was ASPDeploy.doc (I was a technical reviewer for it a few years back) so if you search around you may still find a copy in existence somewhere (hint: ping around to some of your contacts at Microsoft). You may also be able to find some useful resources at Microsoft's Service Provider portal or at the hosted Exchange portal. I had a look at all these sites and couldn't find anything with the kind of detailed configuration you're looking for (unless you're good at reading Chinese). I suspect ASPDeploy.doc was pulled because of the packaged Microsoft Solution for Hosted Exchange 2003 described here.

From an Exchange 2003 perspective there is an archived webcast here by Microsoft that you may find helpful.

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