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How can I allow users to access the C: drive in order to scan?

I have been trying to resolve this issue but can't: I am running Windows 2000 Pro and Advanced Server in our high school. I have the students locked down so users cannot right click, etc. I recently hooked up a HPScanjet5300c scanner to a local machine using a USB cable. As an admin I can scan with no problem. Teachers (who have little restrictions) can use the scanner as well. Students will get a message that the scanning destination cannot be found and reinstall the software. I have the C: drive hidden through Group Policy for the kids, not the no access policy. I have been into the registry and gave Power users full control to the software. I have been on the phone with HP, and they tell me that they have to be able to see the C: drive in order to be able to scan. I find that hard to believe. Any thoughts?
They may be right. The C: drive may be where the TWAIN and TWAIN32 support files are located. These are usually installed in an appropriately-named subdirectory under the Windows directory, and the system needs to be able to access them to run the scanner.
This was last published in April 2002

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