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How can I assign the new server as SMTP server?

I have successfully upgraded to Win2k3 AD and have migrated all Exchange 5.5 mailboxes and folders over to the new Exchange 2k3 server. The problem I have is getting the new server to handle the SMTP traffic instead of it all still going through the 5.5 server. I want to remove the server completely but can't until I can get the SMTP connector moved over. I've checked several books with nothing and the one or two articles at Microsoft but it is not specific enough. They basically just say move it over and that's it. Do you have any articles or documentation to have the new server become the SMTP server for the e-mail domain so that I would stop getting sending errors when testing concerning authorization and so forth?
It sounds like you just need to correct DNS. Look in your DNS server and check for the presence of a Mail Exchanger (MX) record for your domain. Chances are it has the IP address of your old SMTP server configured. Change the IP so that it points to the new Exchange server. If you don't have an MX record, then you may need to change the A record for your domain so that it points to the SMTP server.

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