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How can I block invalid e-mail addresses that have been deleted after someone has left the company?

Since I am the mail administrator, I get all the notifications for unsuccessful deliveries. How can I block invalid addresses or mailboxes that have been deleted after someone has left the company? We are using Exchange 5.5.
Do you mean how can I stop people from sending e-mail to an address for a former employee? The answer is that you probably cannot. However, you do have a couple options for addressing this issue.

You could write an event script that would delete incoming messages that are sent to this address. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/client-developer/exchange-server-development for details on how to do this.

You could also add the SMTP address to the list of your own aliases. Then, all of the e-mail would come to your mailbox. You could then unsubscribe from lists (if that is where the e-mail is coming from), or reply (or auto-reply) to folks who send to this address that the address is no longer valid. Of course, if you deleted the mailbox, senders are already getting NDRs, so this might not stop them from sending more mail.

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