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How can I change the IP address of a DC running Windows Server 2003 Active Directory?

Active Directory expert Laura E. Hunter offers some advice for changing the IP addresses of domain controllers.

I have a DC running Windows Server 2003 with Active Directory, DNS and DCHP.

Could you please break down the process for changing the IP address of my DC?

The most critical pieces of information to remember when changing the IP address of a domain controller are 1) ensuring that DNS is updated correctly and 2) ensuring that the DC is moved into the correct site if the new IP is in a different location.

Since your DC is running both DNS and DHCP, you will need to update the DHCP options on the server to begin handing out the new IP address to your clients for DNS name resolution. I recommend shortening your DHCP lease time to one day for several days prior to performing the re-IP. That way your clients will receive the new IP address immediately after the change. Be sure to update any DHCP reservations that you may have manually configured with the now-old IP address so that they can be updated as well.

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