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How can I change the security of my Outlook mail?

How can I change the security of my Outlook mail?

I have an Exchange 2003 server and my clients are accessing mail through Outlook.

Whenever I am forwarding mail sent by other users, I am able to change the contents of that mail typed in by the other user. How can I change the security of that mail?

Hello Kurajesh,

Good question. Depending on the requirements driving this request, you have a few options.

1. Have senders mark the message with "private" sensitivity prior to sending. This will block recipients from being able to modify the original message, but won't prevent them from copying and pasting to a new message.

2. Consider using something like Microsoft Information Rights Management in order to control what actions can be performed with e-mails. This controls printability, forwardability, and copyability. See the following Microsoft site for more information:

Hope that helps!


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