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How can I configure a VPN with a DSL connection?

I am requesting some help with VPN connectivity with DSL Static. The situation is that users can access the server via VPN, but cannot write files or create folder. When attempting to do so, an error is received: "cannot access server." The protocol used to access the server is PPTP and the server is a "standalone". The router is that Microsoft 2000 server and DHCP is configured.

Question1: What would cause this type of situation, and what troubleshooting procedures used to find a solution?

Question 2. Should RIP2 be configured, since there is a local LAN as well as an Internet connection?

If possible I would like an step-by-step procedure on configuring a VPN with DSL connection. I have configured the Windows 2000 Router with local LAN and Internet, but I need a little help with VPN.
The type of Internet connection is inconsequential to the establishment of the VPN link. As long as you have Internet connectivity then the VPN link should work. Make sure you are not using NAT, a firewall, or a proxy server on the remote client, these can all interfere with VPN establishment and data transfer. As for step by steps to configure a VPN, I don't have enough info about your system to provide that. However, you can find such by searching with "configure VPN" at Microsoft.com/technet

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