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How can I connect a Linux mail server to Exchange 2000?

I want to know how I can connect a Linux mail server (please recommend a specific one) to Exchange 2000 server? In other words, I have a Linux mail server named linuxmail.x.com and an Exchange 2000 server named ex2000mail.x.com, and I want to make some users use the Linux and the other use the Exchange. Taking into consideration that I want both users e-mail address to be username@x.com and all users can send e-mails to each other, how would I set this up? The primary mail server is the Exchange and it is connected to the Internet, while the Linux relies on Exchange to send and receive e-mail to the Internet. Are there connectors for a Linux mail server to join an Exchange mail server?

This is very important for us, as we are going to start migrating to Linux. Thanks for considering this issue with priority.

This is an interesting question. I would consult the folks at Stalker Software. They make a mail server product that does load balancing, and their product runs on both Windows and Linux. If the communication between the load balancer and the drones (one Windows and one Linux, in your case) is conducted in an open protocol, I would imagine that this could work. Although it's an interesting problem, I have not yet come across it.

One benefit of Stalker's system is that if you are using the collaboration features in Exchange, the Stalker products can provide that same functionality to Windows Outlook clients.

Contact Stalker to help with your specific question.

And just so you know, this is the Linux e-mail server that I use for my company. I am not just a spokesman, I am a customer.

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