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How can I copy local user accounts from current Win2k Pro PCs to new ones?

We have a research lab with two Windows 2000 Professional PCs, each with approximately 20 users (restricted user group) and 10 local power users. We just ordered another 15 workstations with Win2000 Professional. Is there a way to copy the local users from one machine and paste them (userID, name, group membership, password, home directory path) onto the other machines? These must be local accounts to the machine; setting up a PDC or domain is not an option. (The utility useradd.exe seems close, but does it copy a user's group membership?) I don't need to transfer user data or files. Thanks!
My suggestion isn't to spend a lot of time looking for a utility to do the job but to write a quick-and-easy WMI script. In half the time it would take you to find a tool that does the job exactly the way you want it, you could write a WMI script using one of the many examples that Microsoft posts to the Script Center Web site. Particularly look at the examples in the Users and Groups category.

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