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How can I create a cross-forest trust between Windows 2000 servers?

An administrator wants to know how to enable a cross-forest so that two Windows 2000 Servers in different forests can both run Exchange 2000 Server.

I have two Windows 2000 Servers in different forests. I want to enable a cross-forest so both are running Exchange 2000 Server. How can I establish trust between servers?

Trust relationships between Windows 2000 forests are one-way and intransitive. A one-way trust relationship means that, if you have users in Forest A who need access to resources in Forest B, you'll need to set up one trust relationship.

But if you also have users in Forest B who need to access resources in Forest A, you'll need to set up a second trust going in the other direction. An intransitive trust relationship means that if Forest A trusts Forest B, and Forest B trusts Forest C, Forest A does -not- automatically trust Forest C - you'll need to set up a separate trust relationship directly between Forest A and Forest C.

To set up a cross-forest trust in Windows 2000, use Active Directory Domains and Trusts. The "trusted" forest is the forest containing the user accounts, the "trusting" forest is the one containing the resources. If you need the trust relationship to work in both directions, you'll set up two trust relationships, reversing the "trusted" and "trusting" forest for the second one.


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