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How can I delete an administrative password in Win 2000 Pro?

How can I delete an administrative password in Windows 2000 Pro? This is a used machine that I purchased at a thrift store. The machine works great, but prevents me from installing or uninstalling other programs or hardware. I am hoping there is a simple or inexpensive method to alleviate this problem. I was told that there is a BIOS jumper to clear the password on some boards, but I ccan't find it on my M Technology R529 board.
Clearing the BIOS with a jumper won't change the admin password in Windows; that's only used for clearing or resetting the password used to access BIOS. If you want to reset the Windows 2000 administrative password, one of the best ways to do this is with a software tool like Petter Nordahl-Hagen's password-reset tool. Note that if you use this tool on a system that has files encrypted using NTFS file encryption, resetting the administrative password will cause those files to be lost permanently.

Also consider a utility like the Emergency Boot CD (which has a ton and a half of other, incredibly useful tools on it as well)

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