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How can I designate specific administrators to specific PCs?

Our shop runs Windows 2000 AD on Windows 2000 Professional Workstations. Both the user accounts and workstations can be moved to a new OU/s if required. I could possibly do this via a KIXTART script or some other means but I would prefer to keep this control within my Directory. I want to designate specific administrators to specific PCs. How do I do this?
Group Policy to the rescue! You can easily do this using the Restricted Groups functionality. First, create a new GPO and link it to an OU containing these particular computers. Then, using Restricted Groups, enter the name of the local group you want -- for example, Administrators. Then, add the generic users you want to be administrators. However, a quick warning: This is a "rip and replace" function. That is, if anyone is currently an administrator on the machine (for instance, the Domain Administrator), they'll be "ripped" out and "replaced" with the users you specify. So -- be careful!

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