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How can I determine a computer name in multi-system workgroup?

I'm running four systems as a part of a workgroup (systems in workgroup are Win98, Win2000 and WinXP). The root and the subfolder are shared. There is no static IP address as a part of this workgroup. How do you determine a computer name in a workgroup with one system as a central point (server)?
When you are using a workgroup, there is no central server, so all systems are equal peers. Yes, you can designate one system as the repository for file storage and printer sharing. But it is only a configuration of choice and usage, not a feature provided within the realm of workgroups. Naming your computer systems is your own choice following you own internal naming convention. As long as you keep the names under 15 characters and comply with the NetBIOS character restrictions (letters, numbers and a handful of symbols). Don't worry, the naming dialog box will not let you use an invalid or illegal character. I would suggest naming the systems with something easy to remember and reflecting some aspect of the system. Such as BobSystem or FileStorage.

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