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How can I determine which ports are running on a Windows machine?

I have a problem regarding a switch that is blinking fast and my network is down. However, I get a reply when we ping our IP address. We can't figure out the problem (I'm talking about LAN network). Are there any services that open all the ports running and send data about viruses?
You can use fport to determine which ports are running on a Windows machine, and which services/executables are using those ports. http://www.foundstone.com/index.htm?subnav=resources/navigation.htm&subcontent=/resources/proddesc/fport.htm.

You can use this information to determine if any services can be disabled or stopped, and to see what kind of traffic your network is creating. You should also run hardware diagnostics on the switch itself to eliminate hardware as the source of the issue that you're experiencing.

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