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How can I find out where file storage space is being used?

We have iPlanet Web server running on a Windows 2000 server. The root drive has both operating systems and Netscape iPlanet installed in it. The root drive is partitioned as 8 GB. Drive properties show the disk to be full, but if I select all the files in the explorer and see its properties it shows only 5.35 gb. Where is this extra 2.5 GB space being used? Could it be a virus? Or some hidden files?
It could be consumed by deleted files in the Recycle Bin. The cluster size could be wrong for your common file size. Sectors could be bad. The drive may be bad. There may be a virus, hidden files, streamed files, etc. Try emptying the Recycle Bin, defragmenting, maybe even backing up - formatting - then restoring.

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